Breathing is the key

Breathlink Yoga Therapy with Nancy Sinton specialises in helping you overcome and manage stress, anxiety and depression using yoga and mindfulness.

It is proper breathing that links your body and your mind.

Nancy is an internationally trained and certified yoga therapist who has taught at a range of locations from the prestigious Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health to leading Orlando yoga studios and the UF Health Cancer Center, part of the Integrative Medicine Department at Orlando Health. Nancy works closely with doctors and mental health professionals, educating people on how yoga therapy works, as well as working closely with patients and clients referred by health professionals.

Yoga Therapy is for everyone.

With easily accessible, simple and powerful techniques, we help to enhance and restore health and wellbeing at all levels of a person.

The healing power of yoga.

View this brief video to see an example of yoga therapy in action.


In Person and Online

Knock and the door shall open.

Through the face-to-face course “Yoga Therapy for the Mind”, an 8 Week Course for stress, anxiety and depression and the online flagship course, “How to Manage Anxiety Using Yoga Breathing Practices”, the course offerings at Breathlink Yoga Therapy are designed to help people appreciate a deeper, more joyful experience of life.

Also offered are specialty workshops for therapists, lectures for medical professionals, and special courses and classes customized to your needs.

If you can breathe, you can do yoga!

Yoga is so much more than exercise!  Yoga combines movement, breathing, relaxation and meditation to still the fluctuations of the mind and find a sense of peace within.  Yoga Therapy uses these skills in action to help people who have health issues and are seeking a natural approach to health and healing.

Wouldn’t it be nice to train your mind to be in the present moment, rather than the constant darting from past to future, and rediscovering the joy in everything that you do?

The body is always in the present moment.  It is through the body that we can train the mind to be present using proper breathing.


Yoga Therapy Sessions

Breathlink Yoga Therapy sessions are offered one-on-one or in small groups. After a preliminary individual assessment of your unique needs the therapist will design a session to meet your health and wellness goals.

A typical yoga therapy session unmasks the mysteries of the breath, and carefully guides you through a series of yoga movements, breathing practices, relaxation and meditation techniques.

Just breathe, let go, and enjoy being right where you are.

You can develop powerful habits to bring you right here, right now, into the present moment, free of the worries of the future, or the negative feelings of the past.

Curious as to how?

Connect with Nancy via the Contact Form to book an appointment or inquire more about our services.

Our students are happy

I started taking private yoga lessons with Nancy to work on my anxiety and stress.  After every session I felt better and better.  
Yoga therapy gives you the tools to control how to react to stressful situations and how to let it go… how to slow your mind and balance your energy levels.  
Nancy takes the time and cares about you, she loves to help people by using her knowledge and skills. It was amazing how I was able to feel much better after each therapy session and I was able to get rid of the traditional medicines.

My journey with Nancy began with a recommendation from my neuropsychologist for memory recall. When I started I thought yoga was just a series of exercises but I quickly learned that it is so much more.
The deep breathing, relaxation, gentle poses and so much more began to not only help my memory but give me multiple gains physically. I came in barely lifting my right leg and now it is back to normal function!
My favorite time is the relaxation at the end and I always leave feeling better than when I came.

Nancy is extremely knowledgable and caring. She tailored each of our individual sessions based on my needs and requests and her gentle guidance and attention to my limitations was much appreciated.
Nancy wasn’t daunted when I began by telling her that although I was there because I’ve been told I could benefit from yoga, it wasn’t something I enjoyed.
Because of Nancy, I have made amazing strides in my balance and flexibility and I now truly love yoga 🙂