Yoga Therapy for the Mind

An 8 week course to naturally improve your wellbeing

Are you seeking natural ways to alleviate:

  • fluctuating moods?
  • low energy, lack of motivation to do things you used to love to do?
  • emotions of overwhelm, worry, fear, panic, a sense of being out of control?
  • racing thoughts, trouble focusing your attention and concentrating?
  • physical symptoms like shortness of breath, heart racing, stomach upset, tight muscles in the neck and shoulders?
  • trouble sleeping?
  • challenges with relationships, work, play?
  • difficulty setting and managing priorities?

You are not alone if you experience stress, anxiety or depression.  Millions of people worldwide suffer from these debilitating symptoms and seek treatment including medicines, counseling, and natural methods.

Almost everyone deals with some form of stress, anxiety or depression on a daily basis!

Yoga Therapy is a complementary treatment using movement, breathing practices, relaxation and meditation. Consider this course a natural choice for managing stress, anxiety and depression and creating a healthy body and mind – helping you to live the life you desire.

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This course was designed for you to feel and experience:

Happiness and Calm

Being happy, calm, centered and filled with vital energy flowing throughout your body!

A Great Night's Sleep

The day starts with positive thoughts, a few minutes of deep belly breathing, perhaps a few yoga stretches or a walk in your neighborhood.

Focus and Motivation

Off to work, school or play thinking clearly, focused and motivated to make a difference in the family, workplace, community, the world!    Think big!

Freedom and Creativity

Taking charge of your mental and physical well-being in a natural way.  Surface your creative potential to design a life that has meaning for YOU! BE THE CHANGE you dream about!

Find your treasure within!

Allow me, Nancy, an internationally trained yoga therapist, to inspire you to find your hidden treasure within.  I will provide some tools and a map for you to discover your intrinsic power to calm body and mind.

This course was developed by Heather Mason, a renowned yoga therapy educator and researcher. She travelled the world to find the best yoga and mindfulness tools and techniques. Heather uses these best practices herself and has trained hundreds of yoga therapists like myself to deliver this unique course.  I have been teaching this course for years and have had excellent results with people just like you!

Consider this 8 week course as an investment in improving your overall health and finding the peace of mind you are seeking.

Nancy Sinton

Founder of BREATHLINK YOGA THERAPY and your teacher

Our students are happy

I wanted to learn how and why I should practice yoga. I also wanted to learn how to focus my mind and relax after a stressful day of dealing with students, teachers and parents. I was able to achieve all I had hoped for through Breathlink Yoga Therapy under the guidance of Nancy. Miss Nancy was everything I hoped a yoga instructor would be: knowledgeable, caring, supportive and helpful. Both the time (8 week 2 hour course + homework) and the money invested were resources well spent after feeling the benefits of taking the course. I walked away with a foundational understanding of how to breathe and techniques to slow my breathing when stressed. I learned how to meditate and calm my mind even when being bombarded with unexpected stressors. If you are a beginner or someone who is familiar with yoga, you can learn something that will enrich your life's journey from Breathlink Yoga Therapy.

It was really helpful learning new breathing techniques.  The 8 Week Course was so well done.  I really appreciate the alternative poses that were available with my limitations.  I would recommend this course to others.


I learned in the course I was breathing incorrectly and that this contributed to my on-going anxiety.  Now that I am breathing correctly there is a big difference in how I feel.  I am now more relaxed and focused.  Thank you Nancy for giving me some peace and time to myself... which I rarely have.  This course was just what I needed!


After taking this course I feel calmer, happier and more open-minded. I really enjoyed the different breathing techniques, the different types of meditation, and the slower pace of the class.


I am so happy I signed up for this course!  I loved how intimate the classes were.  I was very comfortable with the group.  There was not a need to feel embarrassed if you did not get a pose correct or needed help with anything.  Thank you Nancy for your patience, your tone, and willingness to be understanding.  This course was awesome!  I've already recommended it to a friend.

The breathing techniques I learned in this course have helped me significantly.  I'm  finally able to control my anxiety.   If I am ever freaking out,  I now  know how to calm down.  I'm so glad I have the manual to look back on and the CD downloaded onto my phone so I can listen to it when I need to calm down.

Course Overview

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The Yoga Therapy for the Mind 8 Week Course for Stress, Anxiety and Depression is an evidence based program developed by Heather Mason, founder of the Minded Institute, as a therapeutic treatment for stress, anxiety and depression. The course combines asanas (yoga postures), pranayama (breath-work), and restorative properties of mindfulness. The 8 week course is designed to teach you practices that will help you to manage and regulate your physical and mental well-being. New scientific research continues to affirm that depression, anxiety, and stress are best treated with methods that address both body and mind.

The yoga practice is specifically designed to bring balance back to your nervous system and to teach you how to regulate mood and emotions. Yoga postures will include those that are useful for energizing and those which are useful for bringing calm to your system.  By learning how to be with the variety of sensations in the body you simultaneously develop the ability to be with challenging emotions in a more grounded and gentle way. The course will visit new themes each week enabling you to explore your yoga practice through different perspectives, encouraging the exploration of mental patterns, perceptions, and habits that may be keeping you “stuck”.

Weekly Themes

Weeks 1 – 2:  In the first two weeks of the course you will be taught how to regulate and understand your mood through breath and movement.  Some breath practices (pranayama) are energizing while others are more helpful for quietening your nervous system.

Weeks 3 – 5:  In weeks three, four and five, the focus is on how to understand and influence emotional health through body awareness and movement.

Weeks 6 – 8: The final three weeks build on the mental strength and resilience that has developed in the previous weeks. At this point we are ready to begin to work with the mind, engaging in practices that enable you to view and adapt your mental patterns in new and helpful ways.

Each week: Each segment of the course offers cumulative skills with each week’s theme building upon and developing the previous week’s learning. At the close of each session there is a discussion period for you to talk about your experiences during class and how to use what you learn when facing the challenges of daily living.

Homework Practice

Homework practice is vital to your positive change – this really is when the shifts start to take place. You’ll be given homework at the end of each class to practice daily along with reading material to support your learning. Homework practice is an important way of integrating yoga and mindfulness practice into your daily life.

Course Materials

The yoga course also includes:

  • A comprehensive manual
  • A Yoga Therapy and Mindfulness CD to support daily practice

Session Structure

Each class broadly follows the same 2 hour structure every week:

  • Yoga (asana) practice with awareness 1 hour 15 minutes
  • Breathing (pranayama) practice 15-20 minutes
  • Group Activity 15 minutes. The group activity serves to highlight the teaching related to that week. Activities come from either the mindfulness or yoga tradition.
  • Group Discussion 15 minutes. During the discussion students can ask questions related to yoga and mindfulness, share insights, listen to others or choose to be silent.
  • Explanation of daily home yoga therapy and mindfulness practice.

Teacher Support

During the course every student receives individual attention so you’ll feel safe and supported throughout. Additionally there is opportunity before and after sessions for private discussion with the course teacher.

Is any Previous Yoga and Mindfulness Experience Necessary?

No previous experience is necessary.  All levels of yoga and meditation are welcome!  The instructor has experience with teaching all levels.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is this course right for me?

The course is designed for people who are experiencing stress, anxiety and depression.  There are some conditions that are not suited to this course such as PTSD.  To sign up you will complete a registration form and have a phone conversation with Nancy Sinton to see if the course is best for you.  If so, you will need to pay prior to the course start date.  If the 8 week course is not the best fit for you – you may want to consider private yoga therapy sessions.

What is the class size?

The class size varies from 4 – 8 people.

How much does the 8 Week Course cost?

The total cost is $395 and includes a comprehensive manual and CD for your home practice. The course is 2 hours per week for 8 weeks.

When and where is the next 8 Week Course?

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