Is there something in your life you would like to be free from?

A job, a relationship, an illness, where you live, negative thinking?

What is causing you to stay in this trapped condition is your own limited thinking. First accept that your thoughts are playing a role and then let go of any doubt, fear, and superstition. 

“All misery comes from fear, from unsatisfied desire”.

For example, feeling depressed?

Rather than dwelling on the thoughts of sadness, guilt, or shame, turn that around. Let go of the doubt and fear and focus on what you want to be rather than what you think you are not. Avoid letting people put labels on you. Give expression to your inner perfection rather than your outer perceived imperfection.

“Forgive the fear. Fear is usually an attitude that man assumes with things he does not understand. If you realize that the strength of God is within you and that nothing can harm the essential nature of the real you, all sense of fear will pass away from you.”

The placebo effect is now well known. Often researchers test a new drug against a sugar pill and some people get cured with the sugar pill. It’s the power of their thinking that this pill is going to heal them and it does!

Perfection exists in every atom, every molecule, every cell, every attitude of thought. If you are allowing yourself to be imprisoned by your own thinking then set yourself free. You have the keys to open the door. Freedom is within your grasp!

Let yourself get quiet with no distractions. Follow your natural breathing – a gentle inhaling and exhaling. Allow your outer senses to draw inward. Concentrate. Focus your attention on a single point – for example a word, thing, or sound. I like to focus on the word and the feeling of love.

“There is no limit to the power of the human mind. The more concentrated it is, the more power is brought to bear on the one point; and that is the secret”.

Connect with your inner light, connect with God. Silently ask “Who am I, what is my role”. Be still, the answers will come. The freedom to be your True Self will flow to you. Your Divine personality will surface.

Note: Segments in quotation marks are extracts from the writings of Baird T. Spaulding – “Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East”.