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Love is the Best Medicine

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Sometimes people or situations in our life seem to have wronged us setting us on a path of negative thinking, feeling and actions. If everything happens for a reason these people or situations were brought into our life on purpose.

Love is the only attitude that will erase negative thoughts or feelings for love is the “Universal Solvent” – it restores everything back to a harmonious state.

It is impossible to “let go” of negative thoughts and feelings towards yourself and others without the element of love. Pity, either for the other person or for yourself, is not the way of release. Pity always binds you closer to imperfection.

Love is the highest thought you can have.


God is love and is always seeking to manifest Himself through humans. Humans need only eliminate their limiting beliefs and thoughts to let the love and light flow through them connecting their individual self to the Divine Principle – God.

“Ignorance is the only enemy of humans. It was not Adam but ignorance that caused man to forget his divinity and it is ignorance that keeps us in bondage when in reality there is no bondage. Limited thoughts and feelings create the bondage. Knowledge of God-Love-Light brings one and all to a harmonious state.”

It is impossible for anyone to find peace and harmony as long as they are expecting everything and everybody to do for them what they alone can do for themselves.

“To hold another in blame or to attempt to place blame on another is only to involve yourself in ignorance. If someone does you an injury free him instantly in your own mind and free him from the possibility of criticism or condemnation from others. Jesus said ‘forgive them for they know not what they do’.”

Your universe is the one you see and perceive. Is the earth flat? Are we the only solar system? What are the limiting beliefs that are keeping your universe small?

A baby has not yet been taught or exposed to maya, illusion or the veil of limiting beliefs. The baby or young child lives naturally in harmony with its Source. That is why most grown people love to be with very young children. They radiate the natural harmony of God and that is the natural connection of all humans. There is nothing that really limits humans and keeps them in a state of uncertainty but their own thoughts. Free yourself from your limited thoughts and become once again like an innocent young child – allow yourself to radiate once again.

Understanding God as love and light that exists within you and all around you – that is one with you – is the clue to releasing the limited beliefs. When ignorance is withdrawn from consciousness you will see and manifest love and light. Dissolve the maya, drop the veil and see the light! Be the light! Feel the love!

Use whatever tools you have in your toolbox to eliminate your limited beliefs. If you need a new tool or a sharpened tool consider meditation. Meditation is a discipline to help you transition from ignorance to knowledge – to know, feel, and BE love, light and Divine connection.

“Drop that self which you seem to be and begin to live your life as you inherently feel you should live it and you will find it to be truly YOUR life. Your teacher is your own SELF. When you learn to live from the Soul, the Self, and not from the mind, everything in life is clear and understandable. You know what you should do, where you should go, and life becomes simple and harmonious. Quit hoping and wishing and set about doing and being. Practice receiving and radiating love. Self-realization that you are your own master and you are the connection with the Truth – this will set you free”.

If the eyes are the window to the soul – see your own radiance and that of others. After reading this give yourself a hug, tell yourself you love YOU. Then give someone else a hug and tell them you love them even if you need to do it virtually!

Smile. Feel the love. A great day is ahead.


Note: Segments in quotation marks are extracts from the writings of Baird T. Spaulding – “Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East”.

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