Breathlink Yoga Therapy offers a variety of services to meet your health needs, schedule and location.

Services such as the Yoga Therapy Course, One on One Yoga Therapy and Small Group Yoga therapy are customised to your needs. These courses and classes are gentle and holistic, exploring the blockages your mind and body may be struggling with, to move past them with grace and strength.

Our online course is a rich source of information on mindful breathing practices and gentle movements to help alleviate anxiety.

I am sure you will find Yoga Therapy practices that benefit your needs and can fit in with your lifestyle.

I hope to see you soon, as we journey to your recovery.

Nancy Sinton

Founder, BreathLink Yoga Therapy


Yoga Therapy Course

Are you seeking natural ways to alleviate:

  • fluctuating moods?
  • low energy, lack of motivation to do things you used to love to do?
  • emotions of overwhelm, worry, fear, panic, a sense of being out of control?
  • racing thoughts, trouble focusing your attention and concentrating?
  • physical symptoms like shortness of breath, heart racing, stomach upset, tight muscles in the neck and shoulders?
  • trouble sleeping?
  • challenges with relationships, work, play?
  • difficulty setting and managing priorities?

Yoga Therapy is a complementary treatment using movement, breathing practices, relaxation and meditation. Consider this course a natural choice for managing stress, anxiety and depression and creating a healthy body and mind – helping you to live the life you desire.

One to One Yoga Therapy

A one-to-one yoga therapy session can be just one session, a series of sessions or on-going sessions depending on the needs of the client.  The first session includes an assessment as well as recommended beginning practices. 

Using this initial assessment to customise a series of yoga therapy sessions to help you achieve peace and health in the body and mind.

Small group Yoga Therapy

Create your own small group of 2 to 12 people.  The therapist will create a custom class based on the health needs of the group.

Online Yoga Therapy Course

Both research and experience have proven yoga breathing practices can be an effective natural approach to alleviate anxiety. The yoga breathing practices are the quickest way to make a difference in how you feel. An added benefit of you feeling better is an improvement in your relationships. When you feel better those around you sense it and are positively impacted as well!

This course is designed to help people with anxiety, breathe calmly, improve focus and concentration, sleep better, and increase energy through natural yoga breathing techniques.