Small Group Yoga Therapy

A custom class for a small group of 2 to 12 people. 

Create your own small group of 2 to 12 people. The therapist will create a custom class based on the health needs of the group.

Cost for Small Group Therapy

$25 per person with a minimum of $100. There may be an additional room rental charge based on the size of the group.

Call to schedule a session: 407-967-1074

Student Experiences

“A week without Nancy, is not a good week. I’ve been practicing yoga with Nancy Sinton for more than 7 years, and I plan my days around my time with her. I tried other yoga classes, but didn’t stick with them.

Once I found Nancy, I was hooked. As a 60+ year old, my body needs work on balance, flexibility and breathing techniques. Nancy offers well-balanced, no stress sessions.”

~ Clare

“Nancy’s holistic approach to yoga has taught me patience and acceptance. As a result, my physical practice has greatly improved.”

~ Wendy

“I have been privileged to experience Nancy’s yoga teaching for the past four years, and I am grateful for her class Healing Through Yoga and Sound. I encourage you to practice yoga with Nancy and understand for yourself her loving presence and joy!

Thank you, Nancy, for blessing and healing our lives!”

~ LW