Spiritual Breathing

Apr 30, 2020 | Enlightenment, Mindfulness Meditation, Spiritual

Your inner light is the light of Illumination. The greater your spiritual awakening, the greater the light. Have you noticed that one awakened in joy has a radiance about them? When one is spiritually awake the light within and around them is brighter. Artists depict Jesus and saints with a halo of light about them. Light is life. Love is light. Love is life.

“Meditation connects you with spiritual breathing. Spiritual breathing is conscious contact with the life force or prana that moves in the spiritual ethers all around us and within us. Physical breathing is inhaling into your body the elements within the air and then exhaling what the body does not need. Spiritual breathing is receiving into your consciousness that which is in the spiritual ether and is brought about through the quiet and deep attention of the mind. Relaxed, quiet attention is the secret to spiritual breathing.”

Imagine a beautiful day, blue sky, warm sunshine. The day is not too hot, not too cold, just the way you like it. Your attention is drawn to the glory of the day. You naturally absorb the sunlight and you feel great on such a day. The nature of sunlight is to penetrate all objects upon which it shines. What is making you feel so amazing is the prana, the vital energy, the spiritual light penetrating to the core or your being. A direct connection of body, mind and soul. The prana is always there but by giving attention to the beautiful, blue sky day you allowed yourself to feel it!

Give yourself a “pranic airing” every day and feel the difference. Try meditating outside in nature for an extra boost. Your vitality is fed by prana. When you need a snack avoid the sweet or salty and instead focus on becoming quiet, relaxed and let yourself be nourished by spiritual breathing. Follow the light, go into the light, be the light. Let the light dissolve the false thoughts that no longer serve you. Rid yourself of faults and undesirable conditions. 

Try the spiritual breathing. Absorb the pranic light. Relax and feel the difference. Meditation can show you the way, the light, the truth, the life. It can guide you to do God’s will here on earth – to love and to serve the Lord and one another.

Note: The segment in quotation marks is an extract from the writings of Baird T. Spaulding – “Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East”.