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Intrigued by the title? Obsessed with how you look? I know I used to be.

The media has engrained in us what to wear, how our hair should be styled, what to eat, drink and put on our skin to stay young. Have you noticed how the recommendations of “how to be perfect” keep changing? They change because they are man-made thoughts of perfection.

The interesting thing is that you are perfect. You were born perfect – perfect in your own unique way! Let’s look at ourselves from the inside out instead of the outside in. Humans are born when a man and women make love. Together they create a new life, a new light. This life inside is the creation of a divine temple designed to BE, hold, and emit the divine light of God.

If we could just remember our beginning, our light, our divine nature that was manifesting before we were even born. If we thought of our body as a divine temple we wouldn’t need the constant change that the media feeds us. In fact, we would want to preserve our divine nature.

During my first pregnancy the doctor noticed the heart beat of my son as a fetus was way too fast. He said this tachycardia in a fetus was something that science did not yet understand. Why do explanations always have to be physical and science based?

With my new Knowledge I believe this was the powerful light of Spirit adjusting into its new temporary home, its new temple. By the way, my son is now 29 and is fine! My fondest memories with my newborn son before I went back to work were lying on the bed in the afternoon, with my tiny baby on my chest, heart to heart.

The sunlight shining through the window warming and enlightening us both.

If I knew then what I know now about love and light I may never have let that special illuminated feeling go dormant. The light and love of God was with me when I was born. The light and love of God was with me when my son was born. The light and love of God is always with each and every one of us!

We are all perfect – body, mind and soul.

Let your Light define your perfect body, purify your mind and reconnect with your soul.

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