The Treasure Within

May 1, 2020 | Enlightenment, Mindfulness Meditation, Spiritual

Your inner nature – your connection to Source – is your treasure within. Do you feel that connection? Are you living by intuition, your inner knowing? Do you consider yourself a mere human being, living in a material world, eventually dying and going to heaven? Is this really your Truth, your dharma, your purpose in life?


Obedience to one’s inner nature, the expression of life as he instinctively feels it ought to be expressed, is the very foundation of life”.

We often think of our outer senses as pathways to bring the outer world inward. Consider the opposite – our outer senses as a means of bringing our inner world outward. Sharing your treasure, your knowledge, your True Self, can be the greatest gift of life you give yourself and others. 

Have you noticed when you speak or act in a manner that is out of harmony with yourself you feel lousy? When you speak in a loving tone of voice you feel good? Not only you feel it but the others around you feel it as well.

It is difficult to put this spiritual treasure in words. It is like a soft, gentle light, with the radiance of a beautiful diamond, strong and confident, yet compassionate, flowing inward and outward. Visualize your heart, the center of your being, as the conductor of this spiritual energy receiving the inflow and radiating back outwards. You’ve likely seen pictures of Jesus with a brilliant light around his heart and felt the pure joy, the bliss of his love for all.

“True mastery is living the instruction of the inner teacher, the inner self, and not seeking the opinions of the world.”



“Overcoming is all a matter of learning to drop all conditions of mind, body, and affairs and to begin life over again at its beginning. Start with the idea that you are that Self which you inwardly long to be and so devote yourself to being that Self that everything else is forgotten”.

My meditation practice has become a daily fuelling station. Filling me with love and light – super premium at no extra cost! In today’s meditation I envisioned a ladder that I climbed up to what felt like a cloud of light but firm enough to hold a beautiful building – a library. At the top, in the library, were two things. A large book and a treasure box. The message I got was to climb this ladder each day to receive knowledge from the Book of Life and to reach into the treasure box and take a gem back with me down the ladder, back to my earthly life. The gems are my inner treasure, my pearls of wisdom, my radiant diamonds of love and light. Once I came back to my outer world the ladder dissolved waiting to be climbed once again in my next meditation.

True wealth and abundance are not related to how much money you have. It is directly related to your treasure within! If you are seeking your inner treasure try meditation. Awaken your inner teacher – it’s there – seek and you will find – knock and the door will open!

Note: Segments in quotation marks are extracts from the writings of Baird T. Spaulding – “Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East”.