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If you believe that God is within you then there is no death. When it is time to leave your physical body your spirit still exists. Your spirit just wants to be free. Your spirit exists at a higher vibrational level than the human physical form. When you take your last breath it is the release of your spirit. It’s YOU, your soul, returning back home to a heavenly realm.

Your spirit will still see your loved ones on Earth. Your human loved ones just won’t see you unless they raise their vibrations to a higher level. It is possible to be in a physical body and raise your vibration. It’s called enlightenment or inner illumination – a belief in a power greater than yourself – an all knowing that is your light within. This inner light is always there for everyone, you just need to turn it on. Once the light is on, and remains on, you can see spiritual manifestations in physical form.

If you are facing death do not be afraid.

It is your belief that you are one with God, that will help you realize that you will live on. You will live in the spiritual realm but can visit the physical realm and give signs or messages to your loved ones any time. They’ll know and feel your presence. They may even see you if they have raised their vibrations.

If you are living and want to connect with a loved one who has transitioned to a spiritual realm there is no need to go to a so called psychic. People who call themselves psychics may be able to give you some information but they are operating at a lower vibrational level. You can get the messages yourself if you just believe in your own inner knowing.

Manifest the life you want and the spiritual connections you desire through faith and trust. Recognize and cultivate your own inner light – that is the Way, the Truth, the Light and the Life! Once you recognize that the oil for your inner lamp is Divine Love for yourself and for everyone else, that we are all One with God, you will raise your vibration. You must keep your vibration raised and life will unfold before your eyes. Divine connections will be made, “coincidences” will happen, miracles will be frequent.

Allow every thought, word and vibration to be positive and permeated with the love and Light of God.

Here are some simple prayers to raise your vibration:

Dear God,

Fill me with your love and light so that I may choose the right words, have the right vibrations and right actions to best convey your message here on Earth”.

Take me by the hand, Lord, walk me through this day. Let every thought, word and deed be always in Thy way.

Let your inner light be your guide. Raise your vibration. Connect with the Divine.

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