Your Brilliance

May 6, 2020 | Enlightenment, Mindfulness Meditation, Spiritual, Yoga

What comes to your mind when you think of the word brilliance? Simple minds often think of great human intelligence, people who are super smart, amazing ideas.

Enlightened minds think of the light within every human being, our spiritual nature. Each one of us has this light within that fuels unconditional love, compassion, generosity, and all the positive qualities of the heart. This brilliant light cleanses, purifies and nourishes our body, mind and spirit. It flows to us from East to West and North to South. Upward and downward, left to right. It is everywhere. When we are aware of this light it flows right back out in every direction.

Do you feel that light, that Divine connection? Is it possible that you have allowed your light to dim? 

Think of a dirty window with the sunshine trying to get in and light up a space. The light is partially blocked by the dirt. Clean the window and notice what happens! Same with a cloud blocking the sun – the light is always there – once the cloud passes, the light can be seen and felt. If you walk into a dark room you can’t see but when you flip the switch you can see what’s in the room perfectly.

These examples are all metaphors for your inner light. If your energy is low, your thoughts are dull, you feel depressed it’s because the light and prana that wants to flow into you and out of you with ease is blocked or stagnated.

To reignite your inner fire, to increase your energy and burn away limiting thoughts try moving in any way that suits you. Walk, ride a bike, dance, wiggle your fingers and toes, practice yoga asanas, swim, etc. If it is enjoyable you are more likely to do it.

If your mind likes to wander try long, slow, deep breathing to help clear the racing thoughts. Imagine a cloudy sky and after some long slow breathing the clouds break up, the sky is blue, and the sun warms you all over. With a clear mind it is easier to be still and concentrate on your inner light.

Clarity, peace, connection, brilliance – those are the qualities of your inner light. Health and happiness are not measured quantitatively, they are qualitative. What qualities do you want within you? How can YOU light your inner fire? How can YOU connect with your inner SELF?

The answers are within. Look for the light, feel the warmth, and you will be in awe of your inner brilliance. This light will show you the way to health and happiness.